Une fleur? : Format 2F ( 24 x 19 cm )
Fête Dogon sous le baobab : Format 120 x 60 cm
Le fétiche : Format 5M ( 35 x 22 cm )

Modern primitive art, Marie-Claude Griffon's gallery of ethnic paintings


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« The first time I traveled to Africa was in the 1980's.
I lived two years in the Ivory Coast. During that time I made frequent visits to Burkina-Faso and Mali on the northern border of the Ivory Coast.
I was particulary fascinated by the Dogon people, an ethnic group living in Central Mali among the unforgettable red cliffs of Bandiagara.
Later, I traveled to North America, where I visited Hopi and Navajo Indian settlements.
All of my paintings have been inspired by these excursions.»

Marie-Claude GRIFFON

Marie-Claude GRIFFON

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