Le couple d'ancêtres et la pintade : Format 6F( 41 x 33 cm )
Fête Dogon sous le baobab : Format 120 x 60 cm
Le fétiche : Format 5M ( 35 x 22 cm )


GALLERIES 1 et 2 : AFRICA  Visit the gallery 1
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In my paintings, you can often find the image of a granary door-occasional including a Dogon couple standing above the door lock.

Graphic representations may be figurative-an animal or human character-or abstract patterns. All are symbolic expressions of a concept : fertility, birth, death.

The stylized characters seen on these canvasses are masked dancers. Each dancer wears a ceremonial robe, along with a wooden mask that represents a tree, a member of another tribe, or perhaps an animal, such as an antelope, a buffalo, or a bird.

GALLERY 3 : LES INDIENS D'AMERIQUE  Visit the gallery 3

Between the Colorado river and the Rio Grande, the land of the Hopi and the Navajo Indians...

GALLERY 4 : MIXED MEDIA  Visit the gallery 4

Peintures à l'huile, cire et pigments sur toile ou sur bois.

 Porte Dogon, le pays des Ancêtres  80x80 cm   L'Origine Première  30x30 cm

Dogon au masque buffle  20x20 cm    Au pays des baobabs

Famille Navajo   Terres Indiennes et plantes sacrées

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